Salenieku bloks ACB betons



Since 1998, SIA ACB Betons has also operated a testing and measurement laboratory. Its basic task is to test ready concrete products and raw materials. In light of the fact that ACB Betons is a subsidiary of the A.C.B Group, the laboratory meets a constant demand for the testing of road building materials. A second important function of the laboratory is to test the physical and mechanical properties of minerals and soil required for road building, which is a service that it provides to Latvia’s road and bridge building companies.

In order to improve the quality of testing of building materials, as well as to clients’ need for testing services conducted at an accredited laboratory, at the start of 2012 the laboratory’s accreditation process was commenced.

Since 2013, SIA ACB Betons testing and measurements laboratory has introduced and maintains its own laboratory quality management system, and has received a LATAK certificate, confirming that the laboratory is competent to conduct testing in conformity with the requirements of the LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard in the following realms: physical and mechanical testing of minerals and soil and mineral sample taking. Currently, the laboratory conducts tests on building material and examines soil in accordance with 44 methodological requirements, of which 14 are accredited.

SIA ACB Betons testing and measurement laboratory is located at Granīta Street 13, Riga. Phone inquiries: 29112197.

SIA ACB Betons’ testing and measurement laboratory conducts the following tests:

  • sampling;
  • testing of aggregates;
  • soil, sand compaction determination;
  • structural layer compaction and load bearing capacity determination;
  • fresh concrete testing;
  • hardened concrete testing;
  • testing of concrete paving stones;
  • testing of concrete road curbs;
  • testing of masonry units;
  • please refer to the document below to all of the building material testing and soil examination methods used at the laboratory.