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Concrete manufacturing is carried out in Riga, concrete factory in Bukultu street 1 and “Salenieki”, Jaunjelgava Municipality, Sērene Parish. The local mineral materials which are harvested from the quarry “Salenieki” as well as raw materials provided by the long-standing cooperation partners are used in manufacturing. We also offer concrete transporting and pumping services.


The following concrete types are available:

Concrete B 10

Concrete B 12.5 (C8/10)

Concrete B 15 (C12/15)

Concrete B 20 (C16/20)

Concrete B 22.5 (C20/25)

Betons B 25 (C25/30)

Betons B 30 (C30/37)

Betons B 35 (C35/45)

Certificate of Salenieku bloks

Certificate of Salenieku bloks

LVS 156-1:2009

Certificate of ACB Betons

Certificate of ACB Betons

No 3523/2018