Colour and cracks

Colour - the surface colour can differ (also, for a grey or unpainted pavement and edges) being wet or dry. The surface colour can also differ for pavement/edges manufactured in different time periods. In order to reduce the possible differences in the colour tones (both grey and colourful), it is recommended to use the paving stones from 3 different pads at the same time. Note - after some time of working with the surface the small colour differences will disappear.

Hair-cracks - in individual cases hair-cracks can appear in the surface. It can be noticeable when a wet surface is drying. Such cracks do not affect product’s quality or value and they do not reduce its usage options.

Scratchings and bleeding

Scratchings  - visual scratchings of the upper layer for pavement stones and edges caused during transportation are admissible. It does not reduce the quality and value of the product.

White bleeding - in individual cases when cement hardens and calcium hydroxide reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air, white bleeding spots can appear on the surface of the product. Such white spots cannot be technically eliminated. They disappear after some time and do not reduce the product’s quality or value. If the products are used in places with a little loading or where water does not get in (for example, garages, sheds etc.), the white bleeding spots can stay visible for a longer time.